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Questions to ask


For tire-related questions


Please provide the specific year, make, model and options package of your vehicle, as proper tire size can vary from year to year and package to package.


For technical questions about a tire (e.g., mileage, wear, etc.)


Please provide the following information in your message:

  • Year, make, model and options package of your vehicle

  • Name of the tire (e.g. Laredo® AWT, Tiger Paw® Touring)

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer’s tire size (e.g. P265/70R17) which can be found on your tire information placard found on your vehicle driver side door.

For warranty questions


It’s important to note that the first step in our warranty process is an inspection of the tire by a participating retailer. In your message, please provide the name and phone number of the authorized dealer where you purchased your Uniroyal® tires.




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   What is your question about?

If you have questions or comments about tires for your Car, Van, Pick-up or SUV go to Step 1 and fill out your contact information. Select the subject from the drop down menu in Step 2, write your message and press send.


Other Questions


If you have questions or comments about our other products, select from the links below and you will be re-directed to the appropriate Uniroyal® specialty website.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are punctures/cuts covered under the warranty?

Can I go to a lower speed rated tire than what came on the vehicle?

How and when should I rotate my tires?

How to read the DOT number?

Is a Bubble/ 'Bulge on the sidewall of my tire covered by your warranty?

My tire has gone flat. Is this covered by your warranty?

What does it mean when my tires start to show signs of Aging, ozone cracking or weather cracking?

What is the correct air pressure for my tires?

What is the expected service life of tires?

What should I do if I think I have a warrantable situation?

What should I do if my tires wore too fast?

Where are your tires manufactured?

Where can I obtain pricing information?

Where can I find the DOT on my tire and what does it signify?

.... even more FAQs


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